Editing the manuscripts

I’m in the middle of editing two books I wrote – one was finished a few months ago and the other was one I wrote early in college. Since I had written it over fifteen years ago, I had no idea where the disk was (or if it was even on a disk!). In this day and age of frequent change, I found that I had gone through a lot of computers and email addresses in that time.

Fortunately, I had saved some of my college files on a floppy disk (remember those?!?!?), and found it a few weeks ago in an old box of computer junk. The book was in Word Perfect 5.0, and I had to spend a couple hours cleaning it up and reformatting it (since Word Perfect went out of mainstream use ten years ago!).

My goal is to have both books edited and ready for publishing by the end of January, and then the publisher-shopping process begins! And while that process is underway, I hope to start working on the book series/framework that I’ve wanted to do for the last two years, but wanted to get all these other projects out of the way first.


About Chris Hambleton

Chris resides in Cape Canaveral, Florida, where he is employed as a software developer and consultant. He has authored more than a dozen books, as well as developed several websites, software applications, and written software-related articles. His other interests include traveling, hiking, running, studying the Bible, reading American history and politics, and literally devouring good fiction books.
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