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Fixing Broken Things

“His name is MacGyver, and he can fix anything.” Growing up in the Midwest, we watched a lot of television in the winter, even though we only got three channels (four, if you count PBS, which we never did). My … Continue reading

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Compassion? For Her?!?!

Compassion. Sometimes it pops up in the most surprising of times, places — and people. A couple weeks ago when glancing over the political headlines, Donald Trump struck a low-blow against Hillary Clinton over her brain “short-circuiting” and I suddenly felt two very strong … Continue reading


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Dangerous Prayers and a Sloppy Wet Kiss

Have you ever prayed a dangerous prayer? Not merely a brave or even a sacrificial type of prayer, but a truly dangerous prayer? Have you ever prayed something you’re a little squeamish about, even though you know it’s the right … Continue reading

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Life is Short… Walk with God

Ashley Madison — the scandal that just won’t go away. Though the Ashley Madison hack/scandal is already a few months old, the repercussions continue to be felt throughout the corporate and religious world. The most recent update is that Gawker has … Continue reading

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Iteration Retros – The Airing of Grievances

One of the better team practices in software development is to hold retrospectives after every development cycle (iteration, sprint, release, etc.). Iteration retros give the team an opportunity to review the user-stories (requirements) that were completed and discuss ways of improving the next … Continue reading

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