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Life is Short… Walk with God

Ashley Madison — the scandal that just won’t go away. Though the Ashley Madison hack/scandal is already a few months old, the repercussions continue to be felt throughout the corporate and religious world. The most recent update is that Gawker has … Continue reading

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Bootstrap and Psalm 42

Several of the current buzzwords in web development today are Bootstrap, mobile-first, and responsive design, along with Angular, Ruby, Jasmine, Karma, and many, many others! A hallmark of open-source projects and collaborative frameworks is to use goofy names that are usually common … Continue reading

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Iteration Retros – The Airing of Grievances

One of the better team practices in software development is to hold retrospectives after every development cycle (iteration, sprint, release, etc.). Iteration retros give the team an opportunity to review the user-stories (requirements) that were completed and discuss ways of improving the next … Continue reading

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Another Big Decision Made

This year has been full of big decisions. Really big decisions. Some I’ve had a direct say in, while other have been completely out of my control. A couple weeks ago, I made the big decision to stay put here in Colorado, … Continue reading

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