“The Last Aliyah” is now available!

Now available on a Kindle/iPad near you!

The Last Aliyah - Book 1 of "The Time of Jacob's Trouble"

The Last Aliyah
(Book 1 of “The Time of Jacob’s Trouble”)

I’m proud to announce that my latest book “The Last Aliyah” is now available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble!

As many of you know, I went on a study tour of Israel last year and had a great time. While I was there, I learned a ton about the land and its recent history.

As a result of the tour and a lot of reading up on Israel’s history, I decided to go back and update my first book, “The Time of Jacob’s Trouble” and turn it into a trilogy.

The story has been greatly expanded since my first book, with more settings, scenes, and characters. If you enjoyed the first book, you’ll love this one!

The synopsis for “The Last Aliyah” is:

The tides of war are once again rising against the nation of Israel. Her old alliances are unraveling, while new alliances against her are rising.

Rocket attacks on Haifa and Sderot are increasing, and Israel cautiously prepares a response to a conflict that many fear will never end.

Iran has armed Hamas and Hezbollah to the teeth for years, and now rumors are circulating that several nuclear warheads have slipped through the Israeli blockade into Gaza.

And then a decision is made that will forever change the face of the Middle East.

Will Israel be ready as her Arab neighbors gather for war?

Also, this is the first book I’m publishing exclusively to the eBook market rather than going through a POD publisher.

The book is also available for review on BookBlitzer.com


About Chris Hambleton

Chris resides in Cape Canaveral, Florida, where he is employed as a software developer and consultant. He has authored more than a dozen books, as well as developed several websites, software applications, and written software-related articles. His other interests include traveling, hiking, running, studying the Bible, reading American history and politics, and literally devouring good fiction books.
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