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With the growing popularity of audiobooks, I recently decided to wade into those waters and had “The Author of Life” made into an audiobook by the great people at Findaway Voices!

After researching several options for how to create and publish audiobooks, I decided to use Findaway’s “Voices Share” program, which halves the production costs of the audiobook for which the narrator(s) are compensated by receiving half the audiobook royalties, though the author has the option to “buy them out” later. As with all forms of publishing, authors’ rights are critical when choosing a publisher, and Findaway presented the best options for authors, narrators, and other content-creators (in my opinion!). Being able to control pricing, content/changes, discounts, and distribution also played into the decision, as Audible/ACX has a policy of exclusivity for the audiobooks they publish. Also, Findaway’s recent distribution agreement with Spotify made the choice all that much easier!

“The Author of Life” audiobook is available at ChirpBooks, Spotify, Audible, and most other retailers.

The synopsis is:

When you think about God, what’s the first image that pops into your mind? Even when you hear the word “God”, what feelings arise? Are those thoughts and feelings of a loving, forgiving Father or a harsh, distant Judge or Someone in between two – or perhaps even something else entirely?

Could it be that because of our preconceptions, culture, and own personal history, the very word “God” itself colors our views and perceptions of Him at a fundamental level? What if our biases have actually blinded us to Him, His Word, and His heart?

What if we were able to reset those preconceptions and free ourselves from the baggage of our biases, perceptions, and our past experiences with God and those who claim to know Him?

What if we could start over from the beginning and learn about God without all our preconceived notions getting in the way and just learn about Him as He is, or rather, who He’s revealed Himself to be in His Word and throughout His Creation?

What if we could re-learn and re-think what we each individually believe about God and honestly get to know Him not as this distant, abstract religious entity but as something of an Author – the Author of Authors – who has a grand story to tell that He wants to share with each and every one of us?

In addition to “The Author of Life”, I had another audiobook created and published as well (“The Seed of Haman”). I’ve recently started writing the second book of the series (with plans for a third!), so the first book seemed to be the next best choice, particularly since it has a wider audience and is fiction rather than non-fiction. The narrator did a fantastic job!

This audiobook can also be found at ChirpBooks, Spotify, Audible, and many other retailers.

The synopsis for the book is:

In the heart of Iran, a dark family secret has been passed from father to son, mother to daughter, generation to generation — a line unbroken by time. And Dr. Shahzad Yavari, the professor of geopolitics at Tehran University, is destined to become the next recipient of this legacy.

After the sudden death of his father, Dr. Yavari learns of the most closely-guarded secret of his family: an astonishing lineage the stretches back more than three thousand years, and the inheritance of not only a kingdom lost, but a kingdom stolen from them. With this revelation, an ancient vendetta is reawakened and Yavari quickly begins rising to power in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Deep inside the Quds Uranium Enrichment Facility near Qom, the scientists and technicians are under constant surveillance by the ever-watchful eye of the Iranian Republican Guard as the newest, fastest centrifuges are brought online. Within months, Iran’s nuclear program at Quds will be producing several warheads per year.

To counter the growing threat of a nuclearized Iran, a team of Israeli agents has been dispatched to Qom with the sole objective of stopping the enrichment program at Quds by any means necessary.


About Chris Hambleton

Chris resides in Cape Canaveral, Florida, where he is employed as a software developer and consultant. He has authored more than a dozen books, as well as developed several websites, software applications, and written software-related articles. His other interests include traveling, hiking, running, studying the Bible, reading American history and politics, and literally devouring good fiction books.
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