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Single, Divorced, or Other?

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day — another weird “first” for me in this new phase of life. For the first time in twenty years, I haven’t had to even think about what to buy, where to go to dinner, or any of … Continue reading

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Dangerous Prayers and a Sloppy Wet Kiss

Have you ever prayed a dangerous prayer? Not merely a brave or even a sacrificial type of prayer, but a truly dangerous prayer? Have you ever prayed something you’re a little squeamish about, even though you know it’s the right … Continue reading

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My Summer Adventure – Israel!

Summer-break. Sleeping in as late as you want. Having no job stress or deadlines for a change. Even the word “work” is rarely uttered or barely given a second thought. Sun, sand, cold drinks, and usually surf are what makes for a fantastic … Continue reading

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Life After Divorce: No Dating Allowed

Dating. For recently divorced people, it’s often the proverbial elephant in the room. The subject of dating usually comes up right after the uncomfortable admission of divorce is uttered. Along with deciding to stay put in Colorado until my youngest daughter graduates … Continue reading

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Being Fleshed Out – Emergent Design

In our latest adventure at work, we’re racing headlong and headfirst down the road of “emergent design” in Agile software development. We’re learning how to “fail fast and fail often” the hard way, and it’s been a challenge to determine whether … Continue reading

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Becoming Unpolitical (and Happily So!)

Politics. It’s that other dirty little eight-letter word that never goes away. This day next year, we’ll be going to the polls and voting for the next president. The media will be falling all over themselves trying to predict — … Continue reading

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Another Big Decision Made

This year has been full of big decisions. Really big decisions. Some I’ve had a direct say in, while other have been completely out of my control. A couple weeks ago, I made the big decision to stay put here in Colorado, … Continue reading

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